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70... What does this number stand for? 

During the Second World War, my grandma, Rosa, was hidden in Belgium with the 2 Birnberg sisters, Sonia and Hannie. 
On the other hand, Odette, Rosa's cousine, was deported to Auschwitz. 
When Liberation came, the Birnberg sisters had to expatriate to NYC, USA. Rosa stayed in Belgium. 
Today, 70 years later, the 4 ladies bring us back to their memories.


Director : Julien Hassid

DOP : Anaïs Lethiexe

Produced by : Julien Hassid

Co-produced by : Willy Perelsztejn

Sound and Mastering : Jérémy Hassid

Editing : Laurence Paciarelli

Colors : Pierre-Olivier Barré


With the support of : Tax Shelter of Belgium - AGeNT - Cinema Galeries

And : KissKissBankBank - Piwifilms - Les films de la Mémoire - Paprika


Out June 4th, 2015 


® all rights reserved Julien Hassid

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